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Current work

My current series of work is in production. Progress of this work is documented on my social media pages, found by clicking the icons to the right.

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Flawed series

My new series of works is an attempt to connect with the underlying foundations of our existence, the fine knife edge that all life exists upon in our world. I wanted to create something distinctly human but deeply connected to the persistent elemental presence of the earth. Many of these ideas stemmed from my childhood. Growing up in a community with a rich heritage of mining, old mines and quarries were the playgrounds of my youth. Seeing the evidence of generations of human effort has always given me a sense of awe and I found an odd sense of beauty in the abandoned industrial detritus. While I was at art school I was introduced to the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, described as appreciating beauty that is imperfect, impermanent or incomplete. This has had a big impact of my world view and how I see art. This is why I dubbed my new series of works ‘Flawed’.



Older work

Transforming movement

Transforming Movement 2016 was built for the Dulverton weir and leat trust annual sculpture trail. The work was heavily inspired by the industrial heritage of the town and now permanently belongs to the trust. This work can be seen in location every summer between July and September.


Prosthesis 2014 was the end result of an exploration into the relationship between humanity and technology. The work was my final piece for my bachelors degree.

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