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Luke Tupper


I am a sculptor working primarily in metal, Based in the South West of Enland. I exhibit widely accross the UK and am the Exhibition Coordinator for South West Sculptors.

I am a multi coded welder and fabricator by trade, and hold a BA (Hons) Degree in Sculpture. Material mastery is an important part of my work as a Sculptor. 

I am fascinated by natural processes, not just as a point of scientific curiosity but how they are intertwined with human mental and physical life. Humans like to think of themselves as separate from nature, or above it. But we are essentially born from nature and it affects us as much as we effect it.

My work embraces the relationship between man and nature. There are abundant numbers of studies that point towards exposure to nature having a dramatic effect ok our mental and physical wellbeing. The further we go from nature the noisier our minds get and the more diseased our bodies become.

My hope is that my work offers a point of reconnection to the fundamental elements of our natural world and an opportunity to quiet the mind. 

Extended Bio

I create sculptures primarily in metal. Working day to day as a qualified welder and fabricator, the material is a part of my everyday life. In 2014 I graduated from Bath school of Art and Design with a degree in Fine Art Sculpture. This is where my passion for working with metal began. Art has always been a focus in my life, and it has become a primary way to express myself. I have always drawn to three-dimensional art and especially the power and presence of sculpture. In the years after my graduation I was very lucky to have been introduced to a family friend, the sculptor Terrence Coventry. A very interesting and somewhat eccentric individual. His recommendation to me was to find a job with the art foundry where much of his work was produced. I followed his advice and it opened my eyes to a whole other side of the art world I was previously oblivious to. I went to work in Europe's largest sculpture foundry, where I learnt from some of the world's top experts in sculpture fabrication. I worked on sculptures for some of the most prestigious artists and produced millions of pounds worth of artwork. Most importantly, I developed a specialized skill set that I continue to use today and that heavily informs my practice. I have been spending the best part of the last decade making bespoke art pieces for artists, while creating my own work was put on hold. During my time away from making my own sculpture I always kept my own ideas in mind, letting my brain slowly digest what sculpture meant to me. I have been able to organically distill what I want to create into a much more refined idea. I now find myself in a very lucky position being able to put time into my own practice and after joining the South West Sculptors association I have been offered the opportunity to exhibit with established artists. My current employer, Freshlook Engineering has been supportive of my sculpture making and allowed me to use their facilities to create my work.


Past and present Exhibitions. Upcoming; 'Natural Elements' 2024 Stone Lane Gardens - In association with South West Sculptors 'South West Sculptors Open' 2024 - Yeo Valley Botanical Gardens Past; 2024 - Bristol University Botanical Gardens Easter Exhibition. 2023 - South West Sculptors summer exhibition in Bishops Palace, Wells. 2022 - Dulverton weir and leat trust Summer exhibition. 2021 - Dulverton weir and leat trust Summer exhibition. 2020 - Dulverton weir and leat trust Summer exhibition. 2019 - Dulverton weir and leat trust Summer exhibition. 2018 - Dulverton weir and leat trust Summer exhibition. 2017 - Dulverton weir and leat trust Summer exhibition. 2016 - Dulverton weir and leat trust Summer exhibition. 2014 - Bath Fringe Festival 2014 - Gorilla Exhibition London - Bath Fringe Arts Fair.

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